Monika Kämmer

Monika Kämmer About myself:

1947 Born in Cologne
1967 Abitur
1967-1971 Studies: anglistics, geography, history of art in Cologne
since 1986 Ikebana Training
since 1987 Ceramics for Ikebana
since 1995 Mobiles
since 1995 Teacher of the avantgarde Sogetsu-Ikebana School since 1999 Holder of the 3rd Teaching Diploma of the Sogetsu- Ikebana School in Tokyo

For decades artists of the Sogetsu-School have been working on space-shaping arrangements and sculptures, on stage sets, installations, performances, Land Art etc. ...

- Member of BBK, Federal Association of Artists of the Fine Arts
- Member of the German Ikebana Association (IBV)
- Member of the Sogetsu Teachers Association
- Member of KINETICUS, Kinetic Art Organisation